Meet Derryck Gordon, Candidate for Utah House District 10


Earlier this week, I got the chance to ask a few questions of one of the candidates running for the Utah House out of District 10 (Ogden area) as a Libertarian. I got to know Derryck working with him at Exeter Finance Corp, where we quickly became friends. I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful choice to represent you in the Utah House of Representatives, Derryck Gordon.


1.Why did you choose to run for office?

I chose to run for office because i felt like the voices of myself and of the state of Utah were not being heard.


  1. 2. Recently, the DABC fined Brewvies for showing the movie Deadpool and serving alcohol at the same time. Do you support the law being enforced by the DABC? Why or why not?

I do not and never will support that law. To be in these establishments that you can order alcoholic beverages, you must be 21 years of age or older. You are an adult who made a decision to there, knowing full well what you will see and hear, and can leave if you are offended. You can drink a beer and watch that movie in your house, i can see no reason why you can’t go to a theater and have a beer responsibly, watching the same movie. This is a violation of freedom of speech.


  1. Recently, the Utah legislature was unable to pass a law that would allow for medical cannabis in Utah. Would you be willing to support advancing legislation to allow for medical cannabis in Utah?

Absolutely. I have personally seen the benefits of medical marijuana. In 2013, I had an uncle pass away after a long battle with cancer. During his fight he used medical marijuana, and without it would not have made it through the intense strain chemotherapy puts on the body. Without medical marijuana he could not eat, he was nauseous, and had no energy. With it he was able to eat, he could actually do things. The best part though, is the fact that it treats so many other conditions, such as PTSD, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, Chronic pain, Epilepsy, and the list go on.


  1. Education is constantly brought up as a top issue in Utah. What are your positions on how to improve Utah education?

The first thing I would do to improve Utah’s education system is reallocate funds away from wasteful spending. This is in order to lift Utah out of last place for spending per student in the nation. I would also work to make sure that students are not simply being taught to recite the information that will be of no use to them in the future, and that they ARE being taught useful life skills, so that they are prepared for the road ahead.

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