Election Results 2016

cropped-12670228_781858608610633_7996056795776473246_n.jpgThe Libertarian Party in Utah enjoyed a relatively successful year. In regards to candidates within Weber County or where Weber falls within the jurisdiction, we had breakouts all over the place. We congratulate Libertarian candidates who ran elsewhere in the state and our county. We wish we could highlight all of you!

Election results that impacted Weber County:

  • Gary Johnson for President received 3.25% and 27,735 votes.
  • Craig Bowden for U.S. House CD-01 received 5.71% and 12,710 votes.
  • Brian Kamerath/Barry Short for Governor/Lt. Governor received 2.93% and 24,740 votes.
  • Andrew McCullough for Attorney General received 6.39% and 52,839 votes.
  • Derryck Gordon for Utah House Seat 10 received 6.98% and 752 votes.

Source: Lt. Governor’s Office election website http://electionresults.utah.gov/elections/, November 10, 2016.