At 1:00 pm the 2017 Convention for the Libertarian Party of Weber County commenced. At this time we are proud to state that we have selected our platform and set our agenda going forward into 2017. After three hours of discussions, debates, votes, and elections of officers, the Libertarian Party of Weber County is set to become a viable force for liberty going forward.

Elected today were Craig Bowden as Chair, David Raine as Vice Chair, Katherine Joshnston as Vice Chair, and Kevin Brian as Treasurer.

Further, under business conducted, bylaws and motions were brought forward to ensure growth and expansion in the fight for liberty. The Libertarian Party of Weber County voted to officially separate as an autonomous entity from the State Party to begin fundraising and placing their capabilities in their own hands going forward to ensure that progress is made in the County.

While the State party is still the governing party in Utah, Weber County has asserted that it will act going forward for events, outreach, and fundraising.  As membership has grown, we have the capabilities to operate independently.

We look forward to the coming year and working to bring about more liberty in our lifetimes.