Utah Libertarians Hold Nominating Convention

30728372_1556629097769029_1226871608657529287_nOn April 14, 2018, the Libertarian Party of Utah held its nomination convention in Cedar City for candidates, updated some bylaws, and heard from some great speakers.

Our County Chair, Craig Bowden, delivered his report to the delegate body, happy to report that growth is strong and our convention on April 7 went well. During his brief remarks, he also encouraged others to help form their counties into affiliates and that he would assist.

This convention was the largest the Libertarian Party of Utah has held in approximately 10 years, and the slate of candidates nominated is one of the largest put forth from the LP in Utah.

The convention was attended by the Libertarian National Committee Chairman, Nick Sarwark, and LNC Region 1 Representative Caryn Ann Harlos. Both delivered remarks to the body of delegates and encouraged grassroots participation.

Two candidates will appear on Weber County ballots this November. Kevin Bryan, who is running for Utah Senate Seat 18 and Craig Bowden, who is running for the United States Senate.