Craig Bowden – Chair

Craig Bowden has been active in politics since he was eleven years old. Currently, he is the Libertarian nominee for the United States Senate in Utah. He also serves on the Libertarian National Committee as a Regional Alternate.

He is among the founding membership of the Libertarian Party of Weber County.

He is a resident of North Ogden, UT


18057848_1122797214516769_6654499909457619314_nDavid Raine – Vice Chair

David Raine is the former Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Utah. This is his first term as Vice Chair for Weber County’s LP.  During his time in the state party’s Executive Committee, he was a key driving force for outreach and county affiliate development.

David currently resides in Ogden, UT



32678220_1741764619217376_8930240471658135552_nCamilla Yearsley – Secretary

Camilla is in her second term with the County Executive Committee. She originally served as the Vice Chair, but stepped aside for personal reasons in 2016. She came back in 2018 to fill a vacancy left in the committee due to a member moving. Camilla is a founding member of the county affiliate.

She is currently a resident of Ogden, UT.


18118988_1122797207850103_7618035178195666989_nKevin Bryan – Treasurer

Kevin is a long time member of the Libertarian Party in Utah. His first term on the Weber County Committee was as the party secretary, but he moved to become the treasurer in 2017. Kevin is one of the founding members of the county affiliate. He is currently running for the Utah State Senate in the 2018 race.

Kevin currently resides in Ogden, UT


Elizabeth Waltrip – At Large Member

Caleb Bowden – At Large Member

Derryck Gordon – At Large Member